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Ask me Life Insurance Questions!

Ask insurance questions

Ask insurance questions on this website to get answers to questions about a variety of topics, such as how to buy life insurance online and get a good insurance quote. Question and answer formats are good for insurance because they make sure that you get the answers that you need when you need them and they can be a lot more precise than just regular old posts.

But what are the types of insurance questions that you should ask? I will give you some suggested topics, and you should make sure to email me at the appropriate address or reply in one of the comments.

Life insurance questions

I really like life insurance quesitons since I already write about life insurance a lot and therefore more posts about it will help me become an AdSense advertiser. I will need to work my way up to $100 before I can withdraw from AdSense, but my hope is that I will eventually be able to use this page to generate some extra money so that I can make money online. Questiond about life insurance help me do that a lot more than questions about other types of insurance.

Getting cheap insurance

With insurance, you usually get what you pay for but cheap insurance is a lot better than going without insurance. That is why when you are buying insurance you need to make sure that you get a good deal on the insurance that you are buying. Read all of the fine print, the small words at the bottom of the page! These often include "hidden clauses" like yearly caps. Some of the really bad insurance plans cap what they pay you to as little as $1000 per year, even though you're paying $40/month in premiums!

Car insurance questions

Car insurance is something that everybody should have. Due to the complex legal framework and other issues regarding life insurance, it is critical that you know a lot about car insurance and thus ask me questions about it. I am an expert in auto and car insurance so I can answer a lot of the questions that you might have about it. If you wish to ask me a question, leave a comment on this blog or email me. My email address is in my bio and I have changed it to make sure that you are not a robot.

Why is car insurance so expensive?

Compared to other types of insurance, it may seem that expensive car insurance is very expensive. This is because it is mandated by law (or else only the rich would be able to drive) so there is a huge market for it. Furthermore, people use their cars for work, so if they forego paying their health insurance for a few months (which is a really bad idea) they think they can save money (but they won't because they'll have a gap in coverage). On the other hand, if they let their car insurance laspe then there can be a legal penalty if they get caught driving without it or if they get in an accident. In most states, police officers check someone's car insurance on each traffic stop so it is only matter of time before someone without insurance gets caught.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life insurance protection buying process

The life insurance protection programs process is paper-intensive, can take weeks and often seems invasive for people who value their comfort. A face-to-face life insurance paramedical evaluation is usually necessary for suggestions in excess of $100,000, which means, at least amount, giving of both blood and pee examples to the paramedical expert.

Term life insurance potential problems

Expect issues in life insurance information regarding your way of life and term life insurance, meant foreign holiday vacation spots, your family overall health previous and your personal overall health previous. Do you will diving dive? Have you had mothers and fathers or friends with heart disease or cancer before age 60? Have you ever taken any remedies for anxiety or depression? These, and more, are the kinds of issues to anticipate. If so you can pay more for life insurance than other people.

Sometimes several appointment are necessary in order to validate your information and whole life insurance plan. The paramed examiner generally requests these issues face-to-face and often insurance companies will perform follow-up telephone appointment so that you can validate the first set of remedies. Regardless of the type of insurance protection you buy, most suggestions require you to meet certain suggestions regarding your way of life and overall health previous.

Beware of tricks

If it appears to be appealing to quick way this process by fudging on an answer or retaining information, don't do it. It's a criminal activity in all 50 declares to lie about or hide information on a insurance protection application. Besides, suggestions acquired through hoaxes can be voided at claim time.

Insurers will likely review your overall health check results (reported as specified with codes) to the Specialist Information Institution (MIB), which preserves a collection of those who have utilized for insurance protection in the last seven generations. If you've given different remedies to expert health issues in the last, it will increase a red banner with the MIB. The goal of the MIB collection is to reduce hoaxes.

Standard life insurance plans

All standard life insurance plans usually cover dying by any cause any moment in any place, except for dying by destruction within the first two insurance plan generations (one year in some states).

If you don't care to go through the underwriting process or how insurance plans are priced, you have two other, more costly, options:

  • Simplified concern insurance protection can be purchased after answering only a few expert medical questions. There is no health check required. However, if you report health issues, you will likely be dropped. Also, if you are healthy, or even if you have some negative history, an underwritten insurance plan is still going to be your least costly.
  • Guaranteed concern insurance protection is sold to anyone who applies (up to an age limit) and is by far the most costly way to purchase insurance protection. This should be considered only by those who are dropped for everything else but still need insurance protection. These policies have graded decrease of life benefits, meaning your beneficiaries won't receive the full decrease of life benefit until several years into the insurance plan.
  • Name a beneficiary

    In naming a beneficiary, keep in mind that the plan protection company will want to see only the names of those who are financially dependent upon you. An acquaintance, friend or relative, absent of a financial relationship, will not do.

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

    When choosing health insurance assistance it is important to evaluate different choices. With this comes the significance of understanding how to evaluate quotations. The creation of technology introduced us a lot of alternatives to evaluate quotations. We can attain these quotations either online, via phone or the traditional visit to health insurance company. But the problem is the process of best one.

    There is the need to find out more and to look for what you are getting for the amount you are paying. You will be verifying the terms of the health insurance, the client satisfaction alternatives, and whether rates increase or not. In the case of insurance coverage or insurance, you must create sure that you will be able to opt for the one which has the optimized advantages. As you evaluate quotations for vehicles, it is vital that you check the additional advantages. Masking tow services, robbery insurance among others are significant factors to consider. When we evaluate quotations we must focus on both the price and the features.

    Health insurance plan tip 1

    It is not just about the cost, learn to examine everything. Frequently we are attracted to buy products with the tiniest cost tag. The same thing is applicable with insurance. The numbers in these quotations are oftentimes deceptive. You must check everything - from the supplement and advantages to the date of conclusion. Use furniture to evaluate and sum up the quotation. Explain things you are in doubt of.

    Health insurance plan tip 2

    Sophistication of insurance coverage agreements is seldom demonstrated in quotations. As you evaluate insurance cost, you are only evaluating the noticeable surface of the health insurance coverage. Most quotations cover less than 20% of the actual agreement. It is in this that you must understand that whatever is offered in the quotations do not tell everything about the plan assistance. If possible, ask for from your insurance company a content of the plan coverage agreement and have a legal assessment about it.

    Health insurance plan tip 3

    Compare the excellent of services. A common problem dedicated as we evaluate insurance is the mind that the more the advantages the better. Though this has some credibility, it is indisputable that the excellent of the assistance is more important than quantity. If one insurance coverage lets you attain the advantages with 3 day running while the other one takes months to do so then it is apparent which one is of better.

    Health insurance plan tip 4

    Function with an professional. The process in which we evaluate quotations is very basic. The best thing is to seek advice from with an impartial insurance professional. They have the right knowledge and they will always be of great help when you evaluate quotations. One major disadvantage of this is that the plan professional of your choice might be linked with one of the organizations and try to make his company your insurance service.

    The above tips will help you evaluate insurance. But in the end it is your good view that you must depend on. Learn to be cautious and do not be lured by the opulent words and the advertizing methods of these insurance organizations. Be cautious when it comes to the way you evaluate quotations so you can get the best.

    This article is based off of this eZine article.

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    What is term life insurance?

    The simplest of all insurance protection to understand and the cheapest to buy, term life insurance provides loss of life advantage protection without any savings, investment or "cash value" components for the word of the protection interval.

    Term life insurance protection is available for set intervals such as 10, 15, 25 or 30 years. With annual sustainable term life insurance, your insurance protection insurance automatically renews each season and rates increase as you get older. Choose "level term insurance" if you want your top quality to stay the same for the duration of the protection insurance. Also available is "decreasing term insurance protection," where rates remain level but your loss of life advantage declines over time. This is good if you want to cover only a specific debt that decreases, such as a mortgage or business loan. /p>

    Why do people get term life insurance?

    Term insurance protection is a popular choice because of the long rate-guarantee times and because of the ability to get a low cost insurance protection. However, if you get to the end of your insurance protection insurance term and still need insurance protection, you'll need to shop for a new insurance protection insurance, which will then be priced based on your older age and health status.

    Choosing an initial rate-guarantee interval is easy: Match the timeframe your dependents need your income to the available rate-guarantee times. For example, if your children are young and you have decades to go on your mortgage, try 30-year term lifestyle. If your children are leaving the nest and your home is purchased off or nearly purchased off, 10-year term might fit the bill.

    Other provisions

    Other insurance protection insurance conditions that drive the popularity of term insurance protection are confirmed renewal and confirmed convertibility.

    Guaranteed Renewal. Before you buy a interval life insurance protection insurance, ask the agent or company to confirm to you that the protection insurance contains a confirmed sustainable option, which grants you the right to carry on protection beyond the initial rate-guarantee interval without a health check. This function, found in most term lifestyle policies sold today, is extremely important should you become sick and uninsurable toward the end of your rate-guarantee interval.

    For example, say that you've been paying $800 per season on a $500,000, 20-year level term lifestyle insurance protection insurance and develop cancer near the end of the 20-year interval, thus making you uninsurable. Assuming that you want to carry on the protection, a confirmed sustainable clause would allow you to carry on the protection beyond 20 years on an yearly sustainable basis without an test, albeit at a much higher yearly top quality of, say, $8,000 in season 21, $11,000 in season 22, and so on.

    Sticker shock

    You may have sticker shock right now but these rates don't look so high when you are very sick and uninsurable but still in need of protection.

    Guaranteed Convertible

    Another built-in function of most term lifestyle policies is the right to convert your protection to any cash value insurance protection insurance that the company might offer at current rates without having to take another physical test. This function may be of use in the future if you decide you want cash value insurance protection.

    Short-term term lifestyle insurance

    If you'd like term insurance protection to cover you for a certain time interval but you're confident you'll outlive the protection insurance, consider a "return of premium" (ROP) term insurance protection. Under this type of insurance protection insurance, if no loss of life advantage has been purchased by the end of your insurance protection term, you receive all your rates back (tax-free). Return of top quality term insurance protection generally costs 50 to 150 percent more than a comparable term insurance protection insurance but it provides a way to hedge your bets no matter what happens.

    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Is cash value life insurance or whole life insurance better?

    I was recently asked by a twenty-eight year old woman from Tampa Bay, Florida, whether or not they thought that cash value life insurance or whole life insurance was a better fit for her. It was a very hard choice that required a lot of analysis and I couldn't come to a conclusion over which insurance policy type was better, so I found a comparison on eZine and posted it here:

    Cash value lifestyle insurance

    If you want more than a loss of life advantage from your insurance coverage coverage and like the idea of a long-term profile (not covered by any federal agency) or stock exchange investment, you might consider money value insurance coverage such as whole lifestyle, widespread lifestyle or diverse lifestyle. But be prepared to pay much higher rates per $1,000 of coverage precisely because you are now financing a money value profile and paying fees and expenses.

    In many money value guidelines, the yearly top quality does not increase from season to season. Worldwide lifestyle guidelines allow you to range or even miss top quality payments, which in turn changes your loss of life advantage volumes.

    Value your insurance

    Unlike phrase, which is easily financing, money value insurance coverage is often promoted by agents and broker agents in a face-to-face setting, where needs and strategies can be mentioned.

    Because of the complexness and mind-blowing range of possible results for lasting insurance coverage, specialists require that money value insurance coverage be sold using pre-approved case in point types. These designs can run to 15 or more pages. Cash value insurance coverage designs are separated into two major sections: confirmed prices and forecasted or "illustrated, non-guaranteed" volumes. Illustrations can be complicated and hard to compare in an apples-to-apples way.

    Read the insurance fine print

    Pay particular attention to the confirmed loss of life advantage and premium-payment segments because these content contain the actual company claims. If you don't like what you see there, walk away.

    Another caveat: Many money value guidelines contain tough fees and penalties for giving up the guidelines in the early decades. Changing your mind within the first few decades is an expensive decision.

    Whole lifestyle insurance

    Ordinary whole insurance coverage provides "permanent protection" with a money value profile that grows over time. Whole lifestyle provides a stage loss of life advantage and stage rates throughout your lifestyle and for as long as you continue to pay the rates. For example, a healthy 40 year-old female might pay $4,200 per season for a $500,000 whole lifestyle insurance insurance plan. The top quality remains stage at $4,200 per season for the rest of her lifestyle and, in the event of loss of life at any age, the insurance insurance plan will pay $500,000 to her receiver.

    Get whole life insurance

    Whole lifestyle also contains a money value profile that builds over time, slowly at first and gaining steam after several decades. You can take away your money value or take out a mortgage against it, but remember, if you die before you pay the mortgage, the loss of life advantage paid to your recipients will be reduced. For example: Leslie has a $500,000 whole lifestyle insurance insurance plan in force and, over the decades, has borrowed continually from the money value. Her total mortgage ended up being $300,000. When Leslie dies, her receiver will get $200,000 because the coverage coverage company will first pay itself back from the loss of life advantage.

    Understand what your recipients will get upon your loss of life. If you have a traditional whole lifestyle insurance insurance plan, your recipients get only the loss of life advantage no matter how much money value you've built up. Other payout options available for higher rates are:

    Death advantage plus money value
    Death advantage plus come back of premium

    Make sure to read the participation guidelines thoroughly

    Whole lifestyle guidelines can be issued as "participating" or "nonparticipating." Taking part guidelines typically cost more but may come back annual benefits if the insurer has a good financial season. Returns are never guaranteed. Nonparticipating whole insurance coverage provides no benefits.

    Buyers of whole insurance coverage like the certainty of fixed rates with a known loss of life advantage for lifestyle. They also appreciate the "forced savings" component and watching their money value profile build up.

    This is a variation of this eZine Article.

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Why is my car insurance so expensive?

    car insurance
    Every election season in California, the insurance industry tries to change the condition structure, yes, the condition constitution, so that it allows vehicle insurance coverage providers to ask for standard individuals more money on their vehicle insurance coverage.

    That's because many vehicle insurance coverage providers are regularly looking for tips on how to down their clients. Consequently, the aspects they use to figure out prices are not always sensible? I authored this post so that you can find out 3 factors that insurance coverage providers use to ask for greater rates:

    Do you have a good credit score?

    Insurance organizations can ask for you an arm and a leg if you have a low credit ranking on your credit report. This could be because they think that less creditworthy individuals are more likely to miss repayments and perhaps even more likely to be dangerous in a car and get in any sort of incident. Out of the forty five U. s. Declares, only Florida, Doctor, Hawai'i, and Boston prevent using credit ranking to port up car prices.

    Are you male, young, and/or unmarried?

    Growing up, you may be familiar with that “Boys are always a few years behind girls”. Insurance organizations know this too. Youthful men take dangers, especially if they don't have children or aren't wed. It could be because they are not as willing to possibility themselves once they have a loved ones, because of the old proverb about men being less older than females, but it's likely a variety of both. How long you have been generating is also a big element.

    Have you been in an accident or gotten a ticket?

    Whether or not you've been in a lot of injuries or have a lot of serious ticket impacts how much you pay. This is very apparent, but there are tips on how to reduce a bad historical past. You can usually have one incident per season or so (one each 18 several weeks in California) concealed from insurance coverage providers. but a lot of individuals don't know that in many states, you can have one incident every season concealed from your information if you go to generating sessions. In some locations even vehicle ticket can offer you a “point” (or a portion of a point) on your historical past and make your prices go up.

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Buy Life Insurance Online: What's the cheapest life insurance?

    cheapest life insurance
    People always ask me "How can I make sure my family is safe and secure? How can I use life insurance to do that?" What they need to remember is that although the insurance companies are out to make money, buying life insurance online gives you extra security for your family in case something happens to you.

    Imagine how your kids or your spouse would pay for college if you were to die one day. Or not just college, but also food and general living expenses. That is why I am going to tell you a few reasons why you should buy life insurance online:

    Buy Life Insurance Online: Security

    Buying life insurance online gives you and your family peace of mind. There is also personal injury insurance in case you get incapacitated but survive and some life insurance policies allow you to add on personal injury insurance. However, what if your policy does not do that? You could get paralyzed at the work place, or get into a car accident and be unable to work. Now what? How do you put food on the table? If you add a personal injury package to a life insurance policy then your family will be okay.

    Keep your family secure

    What if you buy life insurance online and the unthinkable happens? And you die and do not just get injured. How will your family eat when you pass away? How will they pay for the funeral? Do you want to leave your wife and kids with the burden of paying off your home loan? Luckily, a good online life insurance policy can make your family at ease and give them the ability to pay off these debts and live comfortably after you pass away.

    Be realistic with security

    Insurance companies will try to get your money however they can. Knowing this, the good companies know that people really hate insurance companies that do not actually provide coverage, and instead make up reasons to not pay you when you get hurt even though you've been paying your premiums. As a result, good online insurance companies are able to instead pay you when you get sick. This makes them more money because it helps their brand image and also makes sure that you stick with the comapny and don't ditch them for somebody else. Furthermore, it protects them from expensive lawsuits by groups of people who are mad at the insurance company for ripping them off and can only get their payments in court, or else they would have to face being sick without being covered even though they have already given their money to the insurance company.

    What type of policy do I need?

    The type of policy you get depends a lot on what you do for a living, how risky it is, and what kind of money your family will need if you pass away. For example, let's say you have more or less paid off your mortgage and your wife has a full-time job. If you die then she will still be able to pay off your mortgage. However, what if you have a newborn child and she stays at home, plus two more kids in school, and the mortgage is only half paid off? Then you will need a much larger policy. Other variables include the risk involved: Do you work in a job where you are likely to die in a certain way? Does your insurance company cover this type of death?

    Do your homework

    Maybe you work in construction but it does not cover construction-related accidents, or maybe it does not cover any worksite related deaths at all. In this case, there is a good chance your labor union (in Europe) or employer provides life insurance options that can help keep a roof over your family's head in the event of your death.

    Can I get a better policy?

    A cheap policy is not for everybody. Maybe your family has particularly low savings but you have recently started making a lot of money. If you were to die before you can make enough money to keep your family afloat for a while then your death could both be a heartache and a financial disaster at the same time. But now let's say that you have a good life insurance policy that gives your family $500,000 in case you die. This will be enough to pay for college and for your family to live off of while your spouse (if they work at home) re-enters the work force and builds up skills to make a lot of money herself.