Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What is term life insurance?

The simplest of all insurance protection to understand and the cheapest to buy, term life insurance provides loss of life advantage protection without any savings, investment or "cash value" components for the word of the protection interval.

Term life insurance protection is available for set intervals such as 10, 15, 25 or 30 years. With annual sustainable term life insurance, your insurance protection insurance automatically renews each season and rates increase as you get older. Choose "level term insurance" if you want your top quality to stay the same for the duration of the protection insurance. Also available is "decreasing term insurance protection," where rates remain level but your loss of life advantage declines over time. This is good if you want to cover only a specific debt that decreases, such as a mortgage or business loan. /p>

Why do people get term life insurance?

Term insurance protection is a popular choice because of the long rate-guarantee times and because of the ability to get a low cost insurance protection. However, if you get to the end of your insurance protection insurance term and still need insurance protection, you'll need to shop for a new insurance protection insurance, which will then be priced based on your older age and health status.

Choosing an initial rate-guarantee interval is easy: Match the timeframe your dependents need your income to the available rate-guarantee times. For example, if your children are young and you have decades to go on your mortgage, try 30-year term lifestyle. If your children are leaving the nest and your home is purchased off or nearly purchased off, 10-year term might fit the bill.

Other provisions

Other insurance protection insurance conditions that drive the popularity of term insurance protection are confirmed renewal and confirmed convertibility.

Guaranteed Renewal. Before you buy a interval life insurance protection insurance, ask the agent or company to confirm to you that the protection insurance contains a confirmed sustainable option, which grants you the right to carry on protection beyond the initial rate-guarantee interval without a health check. This function, found in most term lifestyle policies sold today, is extremely important should you become sick and uninsurable toward the end of your rate-guarantee interval.

For example, say that you've been paying $800 per season on a $500,000, 20-year level term lifestyle insurance protection insurance and develop cancer near the end of the 20-year interval, thus making you uninsurable. Assuming that you want to carry on the protection, a confirmed sustainable clause would allow you to carry on the protection beyond 20 years on an yearly sustainable basis without an test, albeit at a much higher yearly top quality of, say, $8,000 in season 21, $11,000 in season 22, and so on.

Sticker shock

You may have sticker shock right now but these rates don't look so high when you are very sick and uninsurable but still in need of protection.

Guaranteed Convertible

Another built-in function of most term lifestyle policies is the right to convert your protection to any cash value insurance protection insurance that the company might offer at current rates without having to take another physical test. This function may be of use in the future if you decide you want cash value insurance protection.

Short-term term lifestyle insurance

If you'd like term insurance protection to cover you for a certain time interval but you're confident you'll outlive the protection insurance, consider a "return of premium" (ROP) term insurance protection. Under this type of insurance protection insurance, if no loss of life advantage has been purchased by the end of your insurance protection term, you receive all your rates back (tax-free). Return of top quality term insurance protection generally costs 50 to 150 percent more than a comparable term insurance protection insurance but it provides a way to hedge your bets no matter what happens.

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